After reading "The Art Of The Deal" in 1989, I waited over 25 years for the chance to elect Donald Trump as President. However you might feel about him personally, President Trump has been an effective president.

While some may see this as a negative (especially those who formed their first impressions during the highly contentious 2016 election), I see this as an opportunity. As an unapologetic Trump supporter, I am uniquely qualified to work closely with President Trump as an ally, to ensure this era of renewed prosperity does not pass Maine by.

For those worried that Senator Riley might turn into a rubber-stamp vote for Trump: I was a registered Democrat for 22 years, an ardent supporter of the Clintons through both terms, and even served as a DNC delegate to county and state level conventions in Colorado in 1998. I had my "walk away" moment in 2000. Like many famous former Democrats before me, such as Ronald Reagan, Mike Pence, and Angus King, I too said goodbye to the DNC. No one should take my vote for granted or underestimate my independence.

That I am willing even to this day to challenge my own party's nominee illustrates my independent nature. This kind of critical thinking is typical of my approach to problem solving and to good public service.

My name will not appear on your ballot, unless you chose to put it there, next to the word "write-in" under U.S. Senator. At a minimum my last name, RILEY, must be appear to show your intention to vote for the write-in candidacy of James N. Riley, Jr., and one of the rank bubbles in the write-in row must be marked. I would be honored to have your vote.